Russia’s largest manufacturer of honeycomb cardboard and related products.


Cardboard-laminated honeycomb core

Honeycomb core

Paper-based material with a cellular structure


Sotocarton has high strength and rigidity thanks to its cellular structure.

Honeycomb pallets can handle
a distributed load of up to 1000 kg.

Impact resistant

Sotocarton has a high impact absorption ability, making it the perfect solution for packaging protecting fragile and valuable goods.

Sotocarton dividers allow to secure products and deliver them safely to customers.

Lodgements are made according to the individual dimensions of the horizontal goods and fix its in the container.

Sotocarton holds fragile goods securely in place and protects them from impact, ensuring safe transportation.

Secures products and fills
voids in packaging

Depending on the requirements, Sotocarton can be used to create various forms of packaging such as fillers, cradles, inlays and corners. They are essential to ensure a secure hold when transporting furniture, household appliances, industrial goods and much more.

Remains lightweight

Thanks to its cellular structure, Sotocarton is several times lighter than other materials of the same volume. The use of honeycomb cardboard packaging significantly reduces the total weight of shipment during transportation.

Sotocarton is used to create lightweight furniture elements with a thickness of 10 to 100 mm.
Interior doors made with paper honeycomb core are lightweight, do not sag and last longer. The technology of their manufacturing is simple and inexpensive.

Use of Sotocarton pallets for transporting goods allows to reduce packing weight by several times and save significantly on logistics costs.

Wooden pallet
15–22 kg

Sotocarton pallet
2–5 kg

Easily branded and labeled

The flat and smooth surface of Sotocarton can be easily marked, stamped or used to attach paper labels.

Sotocarton works well for creating advertising structures of any complexity that can be printed on or used to attach film and other finishing materials.
Thanks to the use of white honeycomb core, edges of Sotocarton structures remain white and look aesthetically pleasing without requiring additional finishing.
The surface is ideal for offset and high-quality UV printing of any complexity.

Cutting and gluing is easy

Sotocarton can be easily cut and glued without the use of additional equipment.

Self-assembly of cradles for fiberglass transportation does not take much time.

Products of any shape

If non-standard cuts are required, they can be prepared from custom drawings using special die-cutting or high-precision cutting equipment.

Environmentally friendly

The material is created from kraft cardboard and recycled cardboard, as well as non-toxic PVA glue, which do not harbor bacteria. This makes honeycomb cardboard suitable for packaging food products and pharmaceuticals.

100% committed to work

Used packaging can be sent for recycling to partially offset costs, or easily disposed of without harming the environment.

We use cardboard that is made from raw materials coming from well-managed FE-certified forests or from recycled materials. By choosing our product, you help to take care of the world’s forests.

About the company

REKAST JSC is the Russian market leader in production of honeycomb core, packaging and other honeycomb cardboard products. The company was founded in 1993.

31 years

on the Russian market

9,000 m2

production area

8.5 million m2

honeycomb materials
produced every year


of production

The journey taken by the company over almost three decades, from the introduction of honeycomb core for interior doors to the Russian market to the production of unique honeycomb-based packaging, has given our team invaluable knowledge and a wealth of technological experience in the production of honeycomb materials. Over the past ten years, areas of application of honeycomb cardboard have expanded considerably. REKAST® has been changing along with the market and continues to enrich its history with new events

Company History


Market leaders in honeycomb cardboard production in Russia. The Russian-Swiss company REKAST is a team of like-minded professionals with all the necessary resources creating one of the most popular products used to ensure safety and security of various goods during their transportation and storage.


Expansion of the main process equipment fleet. As a result of cooperation with the Russian engineering company INTEC, the second, modernized line for honeycomb panel production, including an automatic machine for cutting Sotocarton, was commissioned. This project allowed our company to significantly increase the reliability of manufacturing and bring the production volume to the planned level.

Vladislav Gorlov

Director, REKAST JSC

It is important to produce a quality product, but it is just as important to deliver it safely to the buyer. Sotocarton is one of the best tools for the safe transportation of goods, inspired by nature itself.


Expansion of production facilities. The main, but not the final investment project was the launch of the company’s second plant in one of Kaluga’s industrial parks. The company’s production facilities for manufacturing of Sotocarton and various honeycomb-based products reached an area of over 5000 m2. At the same time, the third high-tech line for the production of honeycomb core by TANTAN Corporation of South Korea was launched at the plant in Sosensky.


Creation of a subsidiary. A subsidiary company Selbord was created in cooperation with Public Totem, the largest production company on the Russian advertising market. The modern name of the company is Sotokarton.


Honeycomb panels. The next investment stage was the commissioning of the technological equipment complex for the production and recycling of honeycomb panels. With the assistance of Israeli company IMA Engineering Ltd., a manufacturer of industrial equipment for cardboard processing, REKAST started to promote a new material with a strong potential on the Russian market. By 2012, Sotocarton finally established itself in Russia as a recognized product with a steadily growing demand.


Plant in Sosensky. The investment project for the construction of the company’s own manufacturing building in the town of Sosensky in the Kaluga Region with an area of 3000 m2 was implemented, putting into operation the Start-Up Core Machine, the second technological line for the production of honeycomb core.


Cooperation with Switzerland. Placement of the company’s shares among private individuals in Switzerland initiated a whole chain of investment projects. The first of them was the modernization of technological equipment for honeycomb core production and the launch of the first Start-Up Core Machine of the leading American manufacturer GTW Enterprises Inc.

Eduard Belser

Member of the Board of Directors, company shareholder

REKAST chose the path of gradual development. The company’s management and the success-motivated team were able to gain the trust of customers in our products. Quality, innovation and reliability will remain the guiding principles of the company into the future.


Foundation of the company. In the early years the company was focused on production of paper honeycomb core. The material was intended for use in door making and by the year 2000 gained wide recognition among Russian door manufacturers.

We appreciate long-term cooperation with our partners and clients.


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